Persuasive Design Patterns For Ads & Landing Pages

Stop guessing! Create high converting ads & landing pages with 30+ Persuasive "Design" Patterns

Persuasive Design Patterns For Ads & Landing Pages

Persuasive “Design” Patterns uses insights from Behavioral Science and techniques from design that have been used consciously or sub-consciously by master marketers to create high converting ads & landing pages. Discover patterns that influence human perception and the reason they work. 

What's Inside Persuasive "Design" Patterns Library

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Get A Library Of 105 "Psychological" Patterns To Help You Build Products, Courses & Services That People Love ❤️

A library of psychological patterns that were dug from the research papers over 300+ hours and compiled in a way that is useful for makers & creators.

🦉 Curated & Optimised By Prathamesh Krisang

“Hi! 👋 I am a Filmmaker turned Growth Marketer turned Behavioral Designer.

I started CoPatterns as a side-project in January 2019. It has been evolving ever since with more and more people using the pattern library. I knew a huge impact could be created by using insights from Behavioral Science. Mostly to create powerful products, campaigns, courses, content, ads or anything that humans interact with.

The problem was, most of these insights were hidden away in boring research papers or Wikipedia pages and were written in an academic language making it difficult to process and use in my day to day work as a maker of things. My objective was to make this knowledge accessible for myself and for others.

This library continuously keeps evolving. If you want to stay in the loop, I keep updating new insights that I discover through my ‘Weekly Persuasive Design Patterns’ Newsletter in a quick 200-300 words to other behavioral enthusiasts.”

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Persuasive "Design" Patterns Library

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